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Welcome To the Association of Creators and Entrepreneurs Network

Celebrating the 10th National Entrepreneurs Day

President Barack Obama declares November as National Entrepreneurship Month in 2011 and is celebrated on the third Tuesday of every November. ACE celebrates the noble spirit and honors the entrepreneurs across America and the world, who encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, disuptive ventures and provide employment to massess.

Founding Philosophy

Our founding philosophy is “To inspire vision, create brilliance, and achieve success.” At SK Group, we firmly believe that nothing is impossible, and anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it. Our dedicated team aspires to turn dreams into reality.


To empower professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and enterprises to achieve accelerated growth by adopting emerging technologies and strategic knowledge solutions to sustain success.


To build a legacy that will last forever and provide opportunities to those who deserve them. Our company believes the actions we take today provide the groundwork for a secure future. This is why we invest heavily in our employees and our clients.

25 Years Success

Since its inception, ACE Network (A division of SK Group) has made a significant impact on major industries with a proven track record of success for over 25 years. SK Group symbolizes longevity, strength, and power.

Be part of the Next Big Wave…

It’s the best time to Join ACE


The next big wave is coming soon...are you ready? Well, successful people don’t have time or sometimes ignore their responsibility, which is “lack of intention” to help others. We are conscious about our mission to build and empower fellow entrepreneurs to build their legacy. We know that helping you succeed is naturally going to help us (the community) grow together. Please keep in mind that ACE was created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. Post pandemic, especially late 2021-early 2022, our focus will be in these four areas;

#1 – 10X Growth & Innovation

Team building has been a challenge post pandemic. We are here to help fill the gap by bringing expertise in any areas that you may lack, especially sales and marketing, creativity and collaboration, new product development and innovation.

#3 – EduTech & Empowerment

Strategic Knowledge, Knowhow and Intellectual Capital is key to innovation and exponential success. We bring elite data, information, and expertise at the right time wherever needed. Emerging Entrepreneurs and young CEOs must fill their skills gap and equip themselves to handle massive growth in the next few years. Capitalize the next big wave that's coming pretty soon!

#2 – Clients, Connections & Collaboration

Driving sales and bringing in new clients has been a challenge lately to many startups. We can help you connect with the right people to encourage collaboration both domestically and internationally. We have the right people almost everywhere.

#4 – Awards & Recognition

It's time to honor and recognize outstanding entrepreneurs, startups, unicorns, small, mid and large enterprises. Who did survive and manage to grow during bad times. We are proud to announce that we will be hosting the Entrepreneurs Conference 2022 early next year. Apply for the Best 50 Entrepreneurs Award to get your efforts and achievements recognized!

By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

ACE Network – American Creators and Entrepreneurs Network is founded with the principle of ‘Entrepreneurial democracy’. By Entrepreneurial democracy we mean Entrepreneurs mentoring other entrepreneurs. ACE provides the resources, connections, and opportunities that give confidence to visionaries which allow them to overcome fear and exercise their freedom to create, collaborate and conquer their lifetime goals.

We Empower Creators, Visionary’s and Entrepreneurs

ACE has been giving entrepreneurs a leg up on the competition. ACE is where professionals, leaders, investors, and savvy entrepreneurs come to meet and work towards mutual growth. Our team is working to become the platinum standard of entrepreneurial success. It is the platform for you and your business to have the exposure, experience, and expert advice from our Knowledge hub, and our network of Subject Matter Experts and Investors.

History of ACE

Since 1999-2021

The 7 core benefits of joining ACE today!


ACE 3C Strategy

Our 3C Strategic Plan will help you raise venture CAPITAL, acquire more CLIENTS and increase CASHFLOW. I am sure you want to grow exponentially. Join Today!

10X Growth Mastermind

Our VPA (Vision Plan Action) Mastermind Programs are exclusively designed and tailored to guide you grow 10X in just few years.

We will help you Succeed

We will help you to “Launch, Grow and Succeed” no matter what your current situation is...Join ACE and learn from the leaders and industry experts.

#4 – An Amazing Opportunity For Growth

Earn 10x Growth and 10X Income in Few Years!

Become a Chapter President in 4 Easy Steps!

Join > Launch > Leverage > Lead


Step 1: Join

The first step is to join ACE and become an Entrepreneur Member. We will provide you all the coaching, confidence, coverage, and connections plus an unlimited supply of know-how and an incredible wealth of knowledge to conquer your local market.

Step 2: Launch 

Open an ACE Chapter in your City / Area and become a Chapter President (subject to qualification). Receive the Certificate of Appointment, Chapter President Plaque and business cards printed with all our logos will give you recognition, and top of that, you may receive excellent credentials as soon as you get to earn a Certified Professional VPA Trainer.

Step 3: Leverage

Get all the resources you need to launch the ACE Chapter in your town/area. Leverage our knowledge and know-how to grow your connections and clients by gaining instant recognition and credibility.

Step 4: Lead

Invite more professionals, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to join ACE, grow your network and business by forming a council and a team of advisory committee members to run the chapter efficiently and mainly learn to earn from the best of the minds.

#5: Collaborate

Our Motto: Connect to Conquer

Create > Connect > Collaborate > Conquer

ACE provides an exclusive platform to its members so that entrepreneurs can CREATE a community by forming local chapters, COLLABORATE with industry leaders and CONQUER their market share. As ACE facilitates,

  • Community of practice.
  • Opportunities and ideas by attending our events.
  • Learn from the leaders by attending the ECON 
  • Leverage our connections from our global network.
  • Ask advice from experts.
  • Brand Yourself: Position by pitching your story
  • Offer your products and services to others.
  • Resources – Get unlimited resources as a member.
  • Attract potential partners and investors
  • Technology innovation that increases growth.
  • Education, CEO coaching, and lifelong learning

#6 – Awards & Recognition

ECON 2022 | Enterprise50 Awards 2022 |

Signature Events | Mastermind |

Workshops | Webinars

  • Attend the ECON 2022 | Enterprise50 Awards
  • Signature Events
  • Empowers Mastermind
  • TIME-Zone: Weekly Workshops
  • Online Webinars
  • Seminars @ Colleges and Universities
Earn Your Credentials. Get certified soon!
You can become a Certified VPA Trainer
You can coach and train other Professionals, Leaders, and Enterpreneurs…

ACE Member benefits are unlimited.

ACE India currently offers Four Membership Programs as per our new policy 2021. The four memberships are; Associate, Professional, Entrepreneur, and Enterprise Members.

Professional Member

Creators, Innovators, Visionary’s, working adults, qualified professionals such as engineers, attorneys, doctors, certified accountants, business professionals including. Academics, trainers, consultants, graduates, and students are welcome. All members will receive a Pro Member Certificate.

Entrepreneur Member

Solopreneurs, Business owners, young and emerging Entrepreneurs, startup Entrepreneurs, and mainly CEOs are welcome to be part of our community. We believe that literally, everyone has a role to play to help each other grow and succeed. Every entrepreneur member will receive an Elite Entrepreneur Member Certificate.

Enterprise Member

Small and Medium Enterprises are welcome to receive amazing benefits of sourcing talents, intellectual capital, mergers and acquisitions, product innovation, and product launches. Best Enterprise Network caters to all most all industries. All Enterprise members will receive an Elite Framed Certificate and Award Plaque.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together

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✓ Get free access to ACE Online Courses, Coaching, Workshops, and Seminars For Free for an entire year.

✓ Connect and collaborate with our team and industry experts and fellow members.

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✓ Get all the exclusive benefits as stated above.

✓ Get featured on our website.

✓ Attend ECON 2022 for free.

✓ Get free access to the ACE Online Members-only portal.

✓ Get free enrollment to one of the Masterclass programs.

✓ Attend SK Mastermind at No Cost.

Best Value




✓ Get all the exclusive benefits as stated above.

✓ Get featured on our website.

✓ Attend ECON 2022 for free.

✓ Get free access to the ACE Online Members-only portal.

✓ Get free enrollment to one of the Masterclass programs.

✓ Attend SK Mastermind at No Cost.

✓ Elite Enterprise Services as listed.

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Anyone doing business or working for any business is welcome to join ACE as an Associate Member: Ideal including freelancers, wantrepreneurs, students, teachers, trainers, and senior executives are welcome. Associate Membership costs Rs.499/- only for a limited time, we welcome anyone who’s a creator, innovator, visionary looking to explore, discover, connect, learn, master new skills and find new business opportunities who will receive unlimited benefits.

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Welcome To ACE Network

Join ACE to excel and empower yourself ACE network (Since 1999) was created by Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs to connect, consult, and collaborate.


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