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Welcome Enterprise Members!

Startups and SMEs are the backbones of India’s economy!

Exclusive To Enterprise Members

Four Exclusive Services to Enterprise Members Only!

#1 – The 9C Enterprise Services

The 9C Services are exclusive to Enterprise and Corporate Members only! You may pick any one of the service of your choice.

#2 – Attend ECON 2022 Awards

You are cordially invited to attend ECON 2022. Apply for Enterprise50 awards. You may also join our elite SK Mastermind Program, organized and chaired by Dr. Shaan Kaye, Chairman of SK Group of companies. Connect with your peer group and great minds. The mastermind usually consists of 10 CEOs + Chairperson of the Mastermind.

#3 – The 12 Elite Packaged Services

You are welcome to pick any one or two that are relavant to your enterprise and we will definitely deliver to your satisfaction.

#4 – VPA Masterclass

You (the CEO and co-founder) and your team will have access to our library of online course plus exclusive group coaching to upcoming programs such as Vision Plan Action (VPA) model, 10X Growth Mastermind, Fundraising Finalize 2.0, PitchDeck development etc.

#1 - Our 9C services are exclusive to Enterprise Members!

Some of the benefits and service packages are exclusive to elite entrepreneurs, businesses, and Enterprise members.

#2 – Attend Enterprise 50 Conference (Two Free Pass). Apply for the Best Enterprise Awards 2022

Best Enterprise Award

Apply for the Top 50 Best Enterprise awards 2022. Get featured and be recognized.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Apply for the Best Entrepreneur of the year award. Get featured and be recognized.

The 50 Best Entrepreneurs

Apply for the 50 best entrepreneurs in your city/country. Get featured and be recognized.

OTHER AWARDS: Green Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Young Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur, Best Employer of the year, Best Educator of the year, and Prodigy of the year 

OTHER AWARDS: Green Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Young Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur, Best Employer of the year, Best Educator of the year, and Prodigy of the year 

OTHER AWARDS: Green Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, Young Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur, Best Employer of the year, Best Educator of the year, and Prodigy of the year 

#3 - The 12 Elite Packaged Services Exclusive for Enterprise Members!

Elite packs are cognitive consulting services! 

01. 10X Blueprint

A comprehensive boot camp session to help SMEs build a highly scalable business model that gives 10 times the growth from their current standing in the market.

02. BusinessPlan Package

We will help you create an innovative fool-proof business plan, financial projections, and create a pitch to attract Investors.

03. PitchDeck Package

We empower elite entrepreneurs to make the perfect pitch that wins you investors heart and more importantly their money.

04. VC Roadshow

We will help you in creating a script and enable you to deliver perfect elevators pitch and also advice on how to go about finding the right investor.

05. Publishing Package

To gain instant credibility and recognition, we can help you launch your book in 90 days. This package includes 6 branding services where elite entrepreneurs and enterprise members receive the full benefits to become an “Author Entrepreneur.”

06. Ecommerce Package

Launch an Ecommerce Portal: Get elite-level consulting and operational service to expand your physical business or store (both B2B and B2C) into an innovative online revenue-making business.

07. Expansion Package

We offer high-level business development services for your dormant, existing, running, and super performing enterprise. We can help you establish a presence across the continental United States. Incorporate in the State of your city, preferably in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Delaware.

08. Branding Package

Get the latest and effective branding solutions that have been proven with top brands of the world. The package includes Digital branding, corporate branding, and product branding to attract new customers.

09. DMM Package

Includes Digital Media Marketing solutions namely SEO, Google SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.

10. SMM Package

Social media marketing includes community building, creating niche groups, attracting organic long-term customers by driving traffic via paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp aimed to boost revenues. SMM’s core objective is to organize all your customers and potential clients via social groups and feed them with constant updates via interactive content.

11. Viral-Video Package

We specialize in Viral Video Marketing services pretty well. Developing a Million dollar Video marketing strategy for every product and service of an enterprise is our core competence. Enabling Brand awareness, Lead Generation, Sales Conversion, Customer Loyalty programs can be customized to the needs of the industry.

12. Mastermind Package

For CEOs by CEOs: The Entrepreneurs Mastermind is a mix of experienced and emerging CEOs who bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share and empower each other. Mastermind has always been a strong platform to support each other for mutual growth and a common goal – SUCCESS.

#4 – Attend VPA Mastermind

Vision Plan Action (VPA) will transform your Enterprise!

Learn How To Apply VPA For Startups, Small and Medium Enterprise? 

VPA Handbook

VPA is your accountability partner to help you “Become a 10X Visionary” by creating a Big Vision for life.

The Vision Planner

Your accountability partner will help you “define a clear VISION, design a Perfect PLAN, and take Massive ACTION.”

10x Mantra

The 10X Mantra is designed as a handbook for 10X Vision, 10X Growth, 10X Business, 10X Income, leading to 100X Success.

SIX Reasons Why you must apply VPA?

  1. VPA improves people’s performance
  2. Achieve up to 100X Productivity
  3. Increases Employee Accountability
  4. Senior Executives can monitor teams.
  5. CEOs can spread their Vision across.

Special Bonus 1: The Vision Planner Enterprise Edition will give you two editions: Enterprise Edition for Management and Professional (Annual) Edition for Employees.

Special Bonus 2: You Get both, Printed Planner and Digital Version for your employees.

Special Bonus 3: The first 100 companies will receive an unlimited digital license for up to 500 employees.

Exclusive BONUS for SMEs


Ideal for Disruptive Ventures, Scalable Startups, fast-growing Small, and Medium Enterprises that believe in performance and productivity through accountability.


Founders and CEOs can translate their ideas, spread their Vision across organizations.


Perfectly designed for ambitious senior Executives, Top CXO’s and Management personnel, Team Leads, and Mid-Managers.


The Vision Planner Pro Edition is ideal for every working professionals and employee who wants to become indispensable to their organization. VPA makes everyone stay positive, increases morale, performance, and productivity up to 100 times.


Trainers, Success Coaches, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, and Consultants can benefit from VPA Planner infinitely. Ideal for Self-Employed Solopreneurs.


Visionaries, Creators, Innovators, Ambitious People, and mainly Students MUST use The Vision Planner to grow 10X in just a few years. Literally, anyone and everyone MUST use the VPA Strategy to create a Big Vision for their life, career, and business. Students get special discounts!

We are aware that every enterprise is different and every company policy and culture is unique. So you’d get all these exclusive services tailored to your needs, even our consulting practices are turnkey business solutions that are custom to suit your amazing enterprise.

The Coaching, Consulting, and Collaboration services offered by our expert team are worth $40,000-100,000/- per year.

Let’s Build A Unicorn Startup!

Enterprise Membership – Rs. 2 Lakh/- (Original Price)

60% off

#1 One of the 9C services for startups & SMEs

#2 Two Free Passes to Enterprise50 Awards
(Includes Application Fees)

#3 One of the 12 Elite Enterprise Members Only “Consulting Package”

#4 One set of The Vision Planner – Enterprise Edition, VPA Strategy Coaching for your management team.

Join ACE Now! Enterprise Member

You will receive The Vision Planner black or white (your choice)

Stay ahead of the fashion trends with our new selection

Incubation & Mentoring

Our unique consulting approach will empower your management team to learn, plan, grow and succeed. from launch to concept to product innovation startup to a high-growth fast-growing company.
  • Coaching the core management team using EMPOWERS Coaching Program.
  • Our 10X Consulting has helped several startups, small and mid-size companies to experience hyper-growth and quantum leap business development.
  • Strategic Knowledge and Partnership: Collaboration is linked with creativity. The creative collaboration will enable us to empower your management team.

Accelerator Program

Accelerator programs are developed to check the premature exit of entrepreneurial activities of growing enterprises. These programs enable the right impetus and direction for these firms to strategically improve their standings and market positions.

  • Accelerators also help you share your skills with other founders who are in the same program cohort
  • A gateway to future customers as well as give you a head start on brand development and recognition
  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, you are leveraging their years of accumulated wisdom to launch your startup in a more calculated andstrategic way.
See The Tutorials

The 3C lead gen marketing

This specialized digital marketing service is very specific to the 3C approach: Create Traffic, Capture Leads, and Convert Sales.

  • There are top 10 search and social media platforms today. Our digital advertising team and partners will create a series of campaigns to drive traffic via paid advertising on platforms that are suitable for your business needs.
  • We can run both B2B and B2C campaigns specific to your industry and we can help you generate qualified leads that convert both offline and online mainly.
  • We can work with your marketing agency or we can appoint an agency, and our expert team won’t mind working with qualified digital marketing specialists.
  • Our primary goal is to device a strategic digital marketing strategy that works for your enterprise.

Business Plan Blueprint

  • Get strategic guidance in developing a foolproof business blueprint.
  • Get to know the operational process of building a successful business unit.
  • Get advisory on how to acquire funding and seed capital for your business ideas.
  • Get expert advisory counsel on how to make Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Get expert advisory counsel on how to list your business in IPO.

Pitch Deck

We empower elite entrepreneurs to make the perfect pitch that wins you investors heart and more importantly their money
  • A sketch of a spotless walkthrough of your business plan with a portray of the periodic executions is drafted by our SMEs
  • Entrepreneurs can breathe easy while we take the onus to prepare you with the perfect, executable, and scalable business plan.
  • We empower entrepreneurs to make the perfect pitch that wins you investors heart and more importantly their money.

10X Growth Mastermind

The strategies devised are towards, more anticipated growth patterns enabling expansion. Our business models are so robust and offensively loud to pitch high-end capitals.

  • We empower entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to disrupt their business industry and market
  • Disruptive business models are considered to scalable enterprises. Hence business funding opportunities are very high.
  • We empower entrepreneurs to attain accelerated growth patterns (10X times your current) in your business domain.
  • We empower entrepreneurs to achieve higher returns with optimal resources.
  • We empower entrepreneurs to think long term and develop strategies to include them as well
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